Princess and I Episodes Recap – Week 14, July 16 – 20

For me, this was probably the most endearing and exasperating week of the drama. Exasperating because well, the dreaded noble idiocy rears its head, but endearing because our characters get a lot more open and obvious with how they feel. Gino my boy, I like you a lot, and I know you really couldn’t help it, but go away for a while. Sit in the corner and stop disrupting Jao and Mikay. Or just come back later, k? Thanks.


Last week, we ended on Jao asking Mikay if she would consider living in Yangdon permanently. Which is, okay, his indirect way of asking if she’d consider being with him forever (wanna bet that the “king” he means in his question isn’t King Anand, but he himself, because by the time Mikay’s 25, he might already be king?), but he forgot about Mikay being rather literal.


So she thinks about the question… and says that Yangdon is very beautiful and all, but it isn’t her country. Her family is in the Philippines, her heart is in the Philippines, and no one could make her forget that. Jao looks away, disappointed.

But after she leaves, he recalls how she acted when she was in Yangdon– she kept missing her family. So he probably realized his blunder.


Meanwhile, all of Gino’s roommates are gathered around his bed– because he’s calling Mikay’s name in his sleep. Ha. Then he wakes up, sits up in surprise when he sees them, and hits his head. Everyone jeers at him to court her already, and he protests that he has a really big, really deep problem: “I have no money!”


Mikay arrives at Behati’s house while that lady is occupied in choosing new outfits from a private fashion show staged just for her. Afterwards, Behati tells Mikay she was impressed; she didn’t think Mikay would actually succeed with the Angeline task. But she prides herself on being fair, so she’ll give credit where credit is due– she’s promoting Mikay over Dorji. It would mean bigger responsibilities, but also a bigger salary, and greater prestige, and she would be really disappointed if Mikay would refuse.


So of course Mikay says yes, and Behati immediately tells her to take her jewelry up to her room– and there’s a great big box of it open on the table before her. I have a really bad feeling about this…

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