Princess and I Episodes Recap, Week 13, July 9 – 13

This week, Gino’s friendship with Mikay sort of unravels slowly; Jao comes to an important decision; and one of the people who holds an important clue about Mikay’s real identity finally resurfaces.


Finally, all the preparations for Ashi Behati’s party are done, and the guests are due to arrive soon. Dorji pats himself on the back and tells Mikay he feels like crying, looking at all he’s accomplished (as if Mikay didn’t have a hand in it). He also tells Mikay she’s not leaving yet– if Angeline doesn’t arrive, who will explain to Behati? Not he. So he calls to a maid to dress Mikay up. “You don’t need to make her pretty. Just make her look clean.” Boy, do I want to see Dorji’s face when he finally realizes he’s been insulting the Princess of Yangdon all along.


Sebachi tells the king he can’t find any information about Behati from before she married Dasho Kencho– it’s like her whole past has been erased.


Behati receives some flowers and another letter, expressing regrets that the sender couldn’t come to the party and saying that next time he wants to see Behati alone, so he’s waiting for that day.


Mikay returns in a simple white gown, her hair in a coronet around her head. Despite his sneer, Dorji stares, and Jao draws near, unable to keep his eyes off her. He notices her agitation, however, and asks if there’s a problem. She tells him that Gino’s waiting for her at the park; he says Gino will understand. Dorji can’t help but snark that she must feel like a debutante, but backs down quickly when Jao rounds on him.


Jao tells Mikay she’s simply beautiful– and puts his hand over hers on the railing beside them. It takes a long moment before they both realize what they’re doing and break away, smiling shyly at each other.


At the park, the rain finally falls, and the kids scatter, leaving Gino to pick up his waterlogged signs. Aw. Poor boy.


Mikay begins greeting guests, and Jao follows her lead.


Vicky tries to get Gino to take shelter, but he’s still standing in the rain, angry and hurt and wondering where Mikay is.


Dorji introduces “the glorious Ashi Behati Rinpoche,” who beams upon everyone… and then her eagle eye lights on Mikay.


Vicky urges Gino to help her close up and then they’ll go. But Gino doesn’t listen, still waiting for Mikay.


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