Walang Hanggan – March 26 – 30 Recap

Nathan comes upon Katerina reading the note from the donor and says they’re going to keep the note forever as a reminder of the one who saved her life. He adds that since they didn’t get to have a honeymoon, he’s throwing a party for her and inviting friends “and even not-friends.” Katerina knows he’s referring to Daniel, and says she’d much rather not invite him. But Nathan is all “why? because you’re still affected by him?” Katerina tells him that he’s just going to snipe at Daniel all night, just to rub it in that he won– she’s his wife, not a trophy.

As the party starts, Henya and Katerina’s nursemaid Perla reminisce about Katerina’s love for water– she hates leaving a pool once she goes in, and she and Daniel loved to bathe in the rain… oops, Nathan doesn’t seem to like it. Meanwhile, Margaret arrives a little late, because she’s been overseeing the arrival of new stocks of wine– she’s confident that they will be able to compete with Daniel now.

Katerina thinks that Johanna’s date will be Tomas– but Johanna goes doh, you are so old news. Turns out her date is, of course, Daniel… Marco gets angry at Johanna, since he’s forbidden her to see Daniel, but Johanna says she didn’t agree to it. LOL. Daniel says that if he’s not welcome, he’ll leave, but Nathan welcomes him to the party, and Johanna gladly bears him off to get some drinks. Nathan tells Katerina it’s because he doesn’t want to chase Daniel off like they did to him before. And then he brings Katerina to join Daniel and Johanna at their table anyway, and asks her stuff like how many children she wants, which makes his wife so uncomfortable that she excuses herself.

Margaret moves in on one of their former clients, Mr. de Dios, who’s at the party, saying she can supply him with the same wines as Guidotti now. What she doesn’t know is that one of her men is in Emilia’s pay and keeping Emilia informed of everything.

When Daniel goes to chat a bit with his grandmother, Katerina takes the opportunity to tell Johanna that she shouldn’t have brought Daniel to the party, because, yunno, it makes other people in the family uncomfortable, like Nathan. Johanna is all “maybe you’re just the one who’s uncomfortable because you’re still so not over Daniel.” Katerina says that she was avoiding Daniel, and Johanna smugly says that Katerina’s not the reason Daniel came to the party, yunno. Anyway, stuff happens, Katerina accidentally bumps Johanna, and Johanna throws a glass of wine on Katerina. Tsk, and this was supposed to be Katerina’s party. Both girls get into a catfight and fall into the pool, and both Daniel and Nathan dive in after them. Only, in pulling the girls apart, Daniel catches the wrong girl (or maybe it’s the right one) and finds himselfholdingKaterina.They

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