Walang Hanggan – April 2 – 4 Recap

As we all know, the regular drama schedule gets preempted by religious/inspirational programs during Holy Thursday and Good Friday, which means that our regular dramas aired only three episodes during Holy Week. So I guess this recap will be shorter than usual.

Emilia tries to smooth things over with Daniel by telling him that even if she was a bit heavy-handed with Johanna, she actually did the girl a good turn, because it’s important that we all know who we are.

Marco and Jane finally catch up with Johanna, who tells them off now that she finally knows the truth. She is angry with them for not telling her that she’s adopted, and for lying to her all these years, and wants to know who her real parents are. When Jane admits that Johanna is the daughter of her father and another woman, and that the reason for the secret is that Jane’s mother can’t know about the liaison, Johanna realizes that the woman who raised her till Jane took her away was her real mother. She gets mad all over again because Jane and Marco had originally told her that they were her real parents who had been looking for her for a long time, because someone had taken her away when she was a baby. “You made me believe that my real mother had kidnapped me!” She’s also disgusted with the idea that the person she’d believed to be her grandfather was really her father, “Yuck!” When Jane tries to tell her that they really love her so it doesn’t matter who her real parents were, Johanna just tells her bitterly that she has no right to dictate anything. “I’m not related to any of you– well, except to you– but you’re just my sister. You’re not my parent.” Exit Johanna, in anger.

Margaret, still fixated on putting one over on Emilia and Daniel, calls a meeting of the board of directors of the Montenegro company without Emilia’s knowledge. But because Emilia has plenty of spies in Margaret’s camp (which Margaret seems to be too stupid to realize), she arrives anyway with Daniel and her retinue in tow, and asserts their right to be present at the meeting due to the stocks they hold. Margaret snipes at Emilia that she doesn’t know anything about business anyway (which again shows just how stupid she is; Emilia’s been doing just fine with her inherited companies even before Daniel arrived). Emilia doesn’t rise to the bait, because she doesn’t intend to sit on the board herself– she wants Daniel there instead. Daniel forestalls further argument by saying that he won’t require much– he just needs someone to report to him or keep himinformed.Margaretjumps

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