Dahil Sa Pag-ibig – Week 2 Recap

So Alfred had gone off to seminary for seven years, leaving Jasmine to sort out her feelings for her adopted brother. Her mother thinks that seven years is enough for Jasmine’s feelings to change, but Alfred’s graduation comes and goes without Jasmine in attendance.

Instead, the two meet in school. Alfred has entered his regency period — that time when seminarians leave the seminary to teach or render other pastoral work while they think over whether they really want to take the final step of becoming a priest or not. So he takes a job as lecturer– at the same school where Jasmine studies (probably the same school they’d also attended as children). Alfred’s fellow seminarians are all agog over the girls, and make no bones about wanting to have girlfriends– Alfred in contrast looks like he couldn’t care less about all the beauties walking past. Until, that is, he spies his sister walking towards him– and ignoring him. So he calls her attention, and they have a little spat about him going off to seminary and leaving Jasmine behind, punctuated only by the arrival of Edson.

Edson has already graduated college, but came to campus to meet Jasmine. While parking his car, however, he sideswipes another car, belonging to lovely Wendy Garcia (Denise Laurel), who demands his name and number, for the insurance. In answer, Edson tosses money at her and leaves her fuming.

Backtracking a bit— because all these threads converge later on– Wendy is a family friend and sort of foster daughter of the Falcons, who are Filipino expatriates in the US, and a really good friend / foster sister to the Falcons’ son and heir, Oliver (Jericho Rosales). Jasmine had been vacationing in San Francisco previously, and was sitting alone on a bench in a park, crying. Oliver lent her his handkerchief, only he forgot that it had his family heirloom ring in it that he was supposed to hold for his parents. So– parents mad, Oliver goes back to look for the girl, but Jasmine thought he’d left, so she entrusted the ring to a man she’d mistaken for a police officer in the park just in case its owner didn’t come back. The man, who wasn’t really a policeman, sold the priceless ring to another girl for a few dollars. In a bit of wackiness, instead of going to the police or something, Wendy takes Oliver to a fortune teller, who tells him that he will get the ring back– and that he will marry the girl who returns the ring to him. Plus, later, on the street, Oliver and Wendy and the girl who has the ring walk past each other. How’s that for foreshadowing?

Back to Alfred and Jasmine and Edson– Alfred, whose last memory of Edson is of being beaten up by his gang of bullies, thinks Edson is there to make trouble and tries to protect Jasmine from him, only Jasmine stops him and walks off with Edson. But Alfred comes upon the two later in the cafeteria, and tries to throw Edson out. Mr. Seminarian, what happened to “love thy neighbor”? Tsk tsk. Jasmine talks to Alfred to make her understand that she and Edson are now good friends– and that their dad had finally mellowed enough to allow it. But the incident causes Alfred and Jasmine to be talked about by the other students and teachers, and the dean has to call Alfred in and reprimand him. She also reminds him that student-teacher relationships are not allowed, and Alfred’s all “Dean, she’s my sister!” The dean says they sure don’t act like it, and gives him the task of enlightening the students about his real relationship with Jasmine. The good thing about this is that brother and sister have the chance to cry truce and make up, and they both introduce each other to the students as their sibling.

Everyone in the Valderama household is happy that Alfred’s coming home for a while, and Cindy and Yaya are busy getting his old room ready for him. Only, Cindy finds out that seven years haven’t done anything to change the way Jasmine feels for Alfred. And Alfred also finds out… when he goes to Jasmine’s room to call her to dinner, she’s in the bathroom and he pokes around a bit and finds a letter that Jasmine had never sent to him, in which she confessed she still loves him. To top it off, Jasmine comes out of the bathroom clad only in a towel, and Alfred tells her dinner’s ready and leaves in a hurry, wondering to himself why he feels bothered.

Leo gives Alfred his graduation present– a car. Cindy’s present– is Alfred’s own condominium, in an attempt to avert disaster. She rationalizes this by saying that maybe Alfred would appreciate his own space. Yaya volunteers to cook meals for him, and Zandro volunteers to bring them over. On one such occasionafterAlfredmoves

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