Amaya – Episode 27 Recap

Last episode, Marikit and Bagani were married, to Amaya’s great sorrow, but Bagani left his wife alone on their wedding night… and told Amaya about it.

Amaya Episode 27 - Bagani returns homeBagani returns to the rajah’s house and is met by his parents. Mangubat congratulates him on “standing like a man”; Lingayan says she missed him, earning a rebuke from her husband for treating her son like a boy when he will soon be giving them grandchildren to care for. Lingayan tells Bagani to hurry up and get ready for they will go to Lamitan’s house to fetch Marikit to come and live with them.

Amaya Episode 27 - Amaya as alabayMeanwhile, it’s Amaya’s first day as an alabay, and the priestesses give her and the other new alabays an overview of what they are supposed to learn.

Amaya Episode 27 - Marikit says farewell to motherThe rajah and his family fetch Marikit from Lamitan’s house; Mangubat has to pay a “pakimkim” [kimkim = "to hold in the fist", a bribe] of more gold jewelry to Lamitan and Mantal before Marikit can go with them [aha! that's how deep the roots of the culture of bribery are, ei? :P ] Marikit thus bids goodbye to her mother and aunt and goes off with her husband and his family… and Lamitan’s house suddenly seems very empty. Lamitan doesn’t notice this much, though– now that the wedding’s over and done with, she’s bent on getting at Amaya.

Amaya Episode 27 - First lesson for the alabaysFirst lesson for the alabays: How to make an ungwento or ointment [unguent]. Amaya asks if the ointment can cure any sickness; their teacher explains that there are two kinds of sickness. One is just caused by body pain, and can easily be cured by an ointment. The other one is harder to cure because it is caused by the busaw or evil spirits [someone has been reading The Enduring Maaram Tradition!] of the forest, underground, air and water. These include the kapre [hairy black giant that lives in trees and puffs on a big cigar], tiyanak [a shapeshifting ghoul baby that feeds on humans], lulid [a huge worm-like creature], kama-kama [dwarves] and kataw [mermaids]. Amaya says she wants to be a babaylan. She gets a set-down from Silay, the alabay who had snarked at her earlier on, and who now says that it is not that easy to be a babaylan, so she should not get ahead of herself; besides, there are others, like Silay, who had been learning ahead of her and who should thus be promoted before her. Amaya retorts that she sees a lot of people getting sick so they need more priestesses, and besides, she’s a fast learner, which doesn’t endear her to the other alabay. They give each other challenging looks.

Amaya Episode 27 - Marikit and BaganiInside the rajah’s house, Bagani sits at the table, apparently about to have a meal. Marikit comes in with a bowl of soup which she says he should try as it’s from a recipe handed down from her mother. But Bagani ain’t having none of that, for he stands up, saying he’s already full and needs to go out for some air. Marikit gazes after him with tears in her eyes as Lingayan enters the room.

Meanwhile, Amaya runs into Bayang just outside the rajah’s house, and Bayang asks after her lessons. Amaya tells her about Silay, whoseemsnotto

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