Amaya – Episode 20 Recap

This drama is really getting to be mighty addicting. Miss Suzy keeps throwing in twists and turns that have me eagerly tuning in every day to find out what’s going on!

Last episode, Hilway insinuated to Angaway that he would be a far better rajah than Bagani. Meanwhile, thanks to Lumad, Bagani was able to save Amaya from getting her feet cut off by Lamitan… but he was too late to save her from a horrific beating by his father’s warriors later on.

Amaya Episode 20 - Marikit still panicking over snakeAmaya Episode 20 - RainAmaya Episode 20 - Marikit's servants frantically look for snake







Marikit shrieks for her slaves to kill the snake, but when they return with sticks, they can’t find the snake anywhere, and it suddenly rains, forcing everyone to run for cover.

Amaya Episode 20 - Amaya lying on the groundAmaya lies bleeding where the rajah and his men had left her. She tries to get up, but keeps falling back down.

Amaya Episode 20 - Mangubat and companyThe rajah and his retinue, including Lamitan and Mantal, have also found shelter from the rain. Atubang, who is always quick on the uptake regarding these matters– must come from being son-in-law to the chief priestess– wonders about the sudden rain, because it had been sunny earlier. Mantal, who is not slow in such matters herself, remarks that it’s like the heavens have gotten angry. Mangubat tells them all to shut up. He looks for Bagani and finds that the boy has disappeared. No fool himself, the rajah guesses that Bagani went back for Amaya and orders Songil to go after him.

Amaya Episode 20 - Bagani returns for AmayaBagani has indeed gone back for Amaya in the rain. Amaya asks weakly why he returned. He says that his father was mistaken about his silence; his love for her had not faded. He helps her to get up, but she pushes him away, totters, and then faints.

Amaya Episode 20 - Hilway and Angaway wonder about rainAngaway and Hilway also wonder about the sudden rain. Hilway thinks that it is a bad omen, meaning something bad is about to happen. At that moment, Marikit’s slaves arrive to ask Hilway’s help in dealing with the snake.

Amaya Episode 20 - Bagani brings Amaya to Lumad et. al.Bagani brings Amaya, still unconscious, to Lumad and asks for the slaves’ help. Lumad brings them to the hut that serves as Atubang’s rice granary, because no one ever goes there but theslaves.

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